The great game of the sound drift

Workshop: Introduction to the Essentials of Free Music Improvisation

Workshop imparted by Josep Lluís Galiana

Centre Cívic La Sedeta 6th-7th October 2017

Organized by Gràcia Territori Sonor

Free registration

A free improvisation workshop-concert imparted by the acknowledged saxophonist Josep Lluís Galiana will be held within the LEM 2017. It is addressed to professional musicians and advanced students as well as to other artists working on stage arts willing to deepen their knowledge in the field of sound free improvisation. We will work on creativity and expressivity development and the manifestation of our emotions, sensitivity and intuition through the creation of improvised sound situations.
The format will be an 8 hours workshop + 2 hours rehearsal:
– Friday 6th October 18:00 – 21:30
– Saturday 7th October 10:00 – 19:00
– Public concert of the participants on the evening of the 7th
– and also an improvisation concert by percussionists Lê Quan Ninh and Núria Andorrà.
If you are interested:
Write an e-mail to
Or call to the 93 250 3547
Send a short CV
Although it will be necessary to limit the number of attendants to 25 for space reasons, JL Galiana will make the selection on the basis of the instrumental composition of the group.
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